build green newcastleHeating and cooling homes adds cost to energy bills and impacts on the environment.

The amount of energy needed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer can easily be reduced by the good design and construction of our homes.

Assessing a building's thermal performance at design stage can identify simple, economical ways to make it more comfortable and save money and energy.’ -

With over 15 years design experience and 12 years accredited in energy assessing, ecoRATE Australia leads the way in all things ‘built-green’ – assessing, certifying and providing design advice to architects, builders, developers and householders alike. As well as being ABSA accredited, ecoRATE Australia is also a HIA GreenSmart Professional.

Our services include:

  • Basix Reports (NSW residential developments)
  • ABSA Certificates (Thermal performance assessments & house energy ratings)
  • Professional advice on passive solar design and energy efficiency

absa hia environmentally friendly buildingsBasix Reports – ecoRATE Australia will assess your plans and offer you cost-effective and practical solutions to help meet Basix requirements. Basix addresses water usage, thermal comfort and energy consumption.

ABSA Certificates – All new homes (and significant renovations) built in Australia are required to meet minimum energy efficiency standards to comply with the Building Code of Australia. ecoRATE Australia uses computer simulations to assess the potential thermal comfort of your home. In some instances, Basix will require a thermal performance assessment to prove compliance. The advantage of this option is that it gives builders and designers more alternatives to reach the required benchmark, minimizing construction time and project costs.